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About GRM

Grey Raven Media is a digital media production company founded to provide quality creative services, using experience gained through 24 years of developing multimedia programs for industrial and safety clients.

GRM's founder began as a technical illustrator with Delta Training Partners, Inc. in 1997, but over the years grew into additional roles such as computer and web-based training materials (e-learning) development, website development, videography, other digital media development, and IT.

Kevin Roberts
Grey Raven Media Founder, Executive Director


GRM endorses and actively supports several local and nationally-recognized non-profits in the Cape Fear region that are working to improve racial justice and equity, empower disadvantaged communities, promote youth development, develop violence prevention solutions, and respond to the needs of vulnerable populations.

We offer free and reduced rate multimedia and web design/development services for branding and digital marketing to: individuals of underserved communities working on building businesses; community health workers; and local, state, and national non-profit organizations working to restore equity to those same communities.

GRM's equity efforts are not just limited to branding and marketing support, as its founder is actively taking part on the ground as a Community Health Worker as a Racial Equity Advocate, as well as taking part at the executive level in community-based organizations (Quality Life Blueprint and CHASM) joined with state and national efforts.

We also try to provide training and professional opportunities for local youth and adults from marginalized communities.

Read more and learn how you can join the movement to take action for equity.

The key community-based organizations (CBOs) we partner with include:

GRM and most of the partnering CBOs operate from within Sokoto House, a community development center and cultural hub in Wilmington, NC that is also also a project in crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED).

Other organizations supported by GRM as clients or through consulting include:


You can check out the less serious side of GRM by visiting, our personal, seasonal hobby site.

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