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While advocating for racial equity is important, taking direct action to empower historically marginalized communities, their leaders, and community-based organizations (CBOs) is crucial. Too often, these communities are prevented from self-determination and implementation of their own solutions by lack of resources and systems and power structures that are historically problematic or ignorant of the conditions, cultural differences, and specific needs of the population in question.

Part of GRM's mission is to function as a not-for-profit organization in terms of working with clients such as community leaders, CBOs, and Community Health Workers. Whenever possible, GRM aims to provide professional services to these groups at free or greatly reduced rates. If an organization has funding and is able to contract GRM as a paid vendor, 100% of all post-tax income from this work is used to support GRM's CBO partnerships. Earnings from corporate clients help cover GRM's expenses. The goal is to provide needed skill resources for capacity building, help amplify the voices of those who need to be heard, and keep funds in communities where they are needed most.

While we recognize and understand that not everyone is in a position to do the same thing, we firmly believe everyone is capable of contributing to disaffected communities and the people representing them. Contributing does not have to mean donating money, although that is often greatly appreciated. Your time and talent can be far more valuable and impactful. Seek out the community leaders and organizations working to bring about equity, reduce violence, improve resources, build capacity and social cohesion, and advocate on their community's behalf. Discuss their needs, spend more time listening carefully than talking, and discover how you can plug in to make a meaningful difference.

Inequities are ultimately a problem for everyone. It's the responsibility of everyone who is not subjected to those inequities or oppression to take an active role in reversing those conditions. If enough of us realize this and endeavor for change, not only will historically marginalized populations benefit, but all of humanity will also. Racial equity is not a zero-sum game. Please take that courageous first step and commit to being part of the solution.

If you are in the Cape Fear region of North Carolina and would like to be put in touch with local CBOs and/or community leaders, GRM can definitely make some recommendations to help you get started. We also welcome discussion or consultation on these efforts. Just drop us a line using the contact form below.

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